Our scheme comes to a close….Time to reflect on what we’ve achieved.

Photo Credit: WaterAid/Ernest Randriarimalala. 


Looking back at Business4Life 17-18

Its been a few week’s now since the latest Wessex Water Business4Life team completed their scheme, and a great time to reflect a bit and bring to life their 18 month journey from 12 strangers to achieving their ambitious WaterAid fundraising goals.

After being successfully accepted to the scheme 12 team members from Wessex Water, and 3 of their contract partners; Interserve, Nomenca, and MGF were invited to a launch event at the Wessex Water HQ in Bath. The team were given an overview of what was to come, the chance to meet some of the previous team, and the B4L board members (who would be supporting along the way), along with the WaterAid members, and Rachel Cawte the B4L Programme Manager.

Most importantly though, the team challenge was revealed: £45,000 for WaterAid, of which each team member would have to raise at least £1,000 from their own personal fundraising! A big challenge for 12 strangers, but they were up for it!

Building a team

Down on the coast in South Wales (St David's) the team spent their first 4 days together forming their team, agreeing (and voting!) roles, the team vision & values. This and a lot of team building to break down the formal barriers, and even try out coasteering for the first time!

#4Madagascar was born. The team chose to focus its efforts on a specific region Wessex Water teams had visited previously, and to change the lives of 1,500 of their poorest communities

Developing their skills

Throughout the scheme the team members also received some training to help with their fundraising, these included:

•Conflict Management


•Project Management

•Presentation skills

•Effective Meetings

•Risk Assessments

•Visit to WaterAid HQ

There were also quarterly meetings with the B4L board, where everyone had a chance to present, and contribute content.

The team also spent a lot of time building their digital footprint, with a new B4L website, Twitter page, Facebook and LinkedIn page, all helping to promote events, validate the team as a modern fundraising group.


Making it personal

To achieve their £1,000 personal fundraising challenge the team came up with lots of different ways to achieve this. From the very active team members running & walking challenges, cycling from coast to coast, even walking the entire length of the Thames. Food related with cook books, and afternoon high tea, bucketing, a colour run (at Bath University), and even the unusual with full body waxing all in the name of WaterAid


Getting braver: get to £45,000….and beyond.

The team’s first events were small in scale, and gradually ramped up to large corporate events. The team started in the centre of Bath with a small WaterAid stall & water pump and cake sale, from there they put on a Rocky Horror show, Fermented Food Festival “FermentFest”, Bath Christmas Market, Corporate Golf event, and a large Summer Evening Horse Racing Event. 

At the end of the scheme the team are proudly able to share their total fundraising crossed over £53,000! Smashing their original challenge.

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